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Online Bar and Beer Tasting

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Breugem's Online Bar and Beer Tasting is a unique online experience. A perfect time to spend during these dark winter evenings! The evening starts with a specialty beer tasting led by a certified beer sommelier and brewmaster Patrick Breugem. Then you can socialize, play games or listen to music in one of the virtual spaces, consisting of: Game Room, Lounge, Rooftop Bar and Beach. Breugem brewery will send you the sample package in time, so that you are provided with delicious Zaanse beers and snacks. 

How does it work?

You choose your avatar and you can move freely in Breugem's Online Bar. You can only talk to others via webcam if you are right next to them. Through the group chat you can chat with anyone or you can specifically choose someone to chat with. The online beer tasting and presentation takes place in the conference room. The tasting will be concluded with a beer quiz! 

19:30 - Doors open
20:00 - Start of tasting in the auditorium
21:30 - All rooms open
00:00 - End 

The sample / drink package

- Saens Kiss 
- Saense Triple
Saense I.P.A. 
- Winter glow
- Chorizo sausage La Cordobesa
- Nuts of it le Cockelon
- Breugem Special beer glass

(Furthermore, the price includes access to the virtual world and the beer tasting)

You can log in with the email address you used to purchase the drink box!

For companies

Breugem's Online Bar and beer tasting is also available on request. It is an ideal platform for companies with 25+ employees. We can adapt the environment to the specific wishes of the company. For more information send an email to