History of Breugem from Zaandijk

The brewer 'Patrick Breugem'

Breugem is not a made-up name, that sounds Belgian, but it is simply the name of the man behind the beer. Patrick was already a brewer in the former brewery in Zaandam and is now brewing his own beer in Zaandijk (at Brouwerij Hoop) and Zaandam (at Lab-44). He has previously worked at Brouwerij de Prael and was a brewmaster at De 7 Deugden in Amsterdam. His passion for beers is unprecedented. He prefers to proudly serve his beers to customers during various festivals. Together with Derek Walsh, he expands his portfolio, exploring various corners of the beer spectrum. But the basis remains the further optimization of the classics such as the prize winners the Zoentje and the famous Tripel.

Brewery Hoop in Zaandijk

In 2016 a new brewery, called Brouwerij Hoop, was erected in historic Zaandijk. Located under the smoke of the Zaanse Schans, the favorite destination of more than two million tourists, the brewery works with a brand new German Caspary machine. Breugem is one of the two brewed 'house beers' there. At the brewery is a restaurant with tasting room located with the Breugem beers on tap. There is also a real beer shop. Tastings and tours through the brewery can be arranged by appointment. Due to the presence of more than three hundred solar panels, the brewery operates almost energy-neutral and has a capacity of eight to ten thousand hectoliters. The brewery can be visited seven days a week by appointment.

The team

Brewing is the core, but this can only thrive in a tight organization. Breugem Brewery has a team of people who also operate professionally in areas such as logistics & marketing, accounting etc. We do things together to keep growing and to provide beer-loving Holland with beautiful beers.

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